Gángan Swaddle (Sky)


Our super soft muslin swaddles are made from 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton. Lightweight and breathable, they are perfect for baby skin from newborn onward. Muslin swaddles are great as swaddles, burb cloths, nursing covers, stroller covers and more!

The Gángan swaddle features a design inspired by the talking drum known in the Nigerian language Yoruba as "gángan." Talking drums are part of a family of hourglass shaped pressure drums that have special importance among the Yoruba people. Because the pitch of the talking drum can be changed to mimic the tone of human speech, they were once used as a means of communicating over long distances. Even today, talking drums are used to celebrate births, tell stories and mark someone's passing.

Size: 120cm X 120cm (47" X 47")