Prism Woven Bowls

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These stunning Prism Woven Bowls are from Azizi Life's Local + Lejos Collection - they combine colors from the designer's native land, Los Angeles, and the native land of the artisan women weaving the bowls, Rwanda. Bringing together the teal of the Pacific Ocean and the pink tones of the East African sunrise, these bowls will bring warmth and calm to your baby's nursery. 

These handwoven bowls are crafted from natural sisal fibers threaded over a core of locally-gathered forest grasses. Artisans work 1-2 days to weave a small bowl, 2-3 days to weave a medium bowl, and 5-7 days to weave a large tray.


  • Small bowl: 7" diameter 
  • Medium bowl: 12" diameter 
  • Large tray: 16" diameter


Azizi Life is a fair trade organization dedicated to partnering with skilled Rwandan artisans in their vision to lift their families from poverty.