Father’s Day is just around the corner, and in our opinion, there’s no better gift from your kiddos than one that is handmade. But, we also know that time is precious and handmade needs to be doable (and preferably not too messy!) – so we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of 11 of our favorite easy crafts you can give dad for Father’s Day that are sure to make him feel special. With many of these crafts being made of things you likely already have around the house, our list is accessible, affordable, and mom-approved!

Easy Father's Day Crafts | Ade + Ayo

Craft # 1: My Dad “Rocks” Paperweight

my dad rocks Father's Day craft | Ade + Ayo

We’ve never met a dad who didn’t love a good pun, so first on our list is the “My Dad Rocks” paperweight. This craft is about is easy as it gets, all you’ll need is a rock, some paint, and either a sharpie or white paint pen (best to have mom help with that part for our younger crafters) 

Craft # 2: Origami Shirt Cards

Origami Shirt Cards | Easy Father's Day Crafts | Ade + Ayo

A creative and elevated alternative to a classic homemade greeting card, these Origami Shirt Cards are sure to bring a smile to dad’s face. You likely already have everything you need, but you can of course hit your local craft store if you want to add any additional embellishments that you might not have already. 

Craft #3: Origami Shirt Bag

Origami Shirt Gift Bags | Easy Father's Day Crafts | Ade + Ayo

If you already have a Father’s Day gift and want a matching bag to go with your Origami Shirt Cards – these Origami Shirt Gift Bags are perfect. Made out of recycled brown paper grocery bags, they’re big enough to hold whatever you might have already picked out for dad, and best of all, they can be made in about 5 minutes! 

Craft #4: Salt Dough Magnets

Salt Dough Magnets | Easy Father's Day Crafts | Ade + Ayo

If you’re looking for something a bit more “involved” to do with your kids for a Father’s Day craft, these Salt Dough Magnets are perfect. Spell out a sweet message to dad, or let kids bring their own creative ideas to life, and have them organized on the fridge for when dad wakes up on Sunday morning. 

Craft #5: Paper Roll Dad

Paper Roll Craft | Easy Father's Day Crafts | Ade + Ayo

A great way to give dad the spotlight on Father’s Day? Make these one-of-a-kind Paper Roll Dad crafts so dad can be on display all over the house. (from the artistic interpretation of your littles) This is a super easy craft that usually gets a little silly. Don’t forget to put dad in his favorite shirt! 

Craft #6: Popsicle Father’s Day Card

Popsicle Card Craft | Easy Father's Day Crafts | Ade + Ayo

Since Father’s Day falls right as we head into summer, a cool Popsicle Father’s Day Card is certainly fitting! Include googly eyes, a punny message “Dad you’re the coolest!”, or some sweet sunglasses. This is just about the coolest craft on our list. 

Craft #7: French Fry Craft

We haven’t met a dad (or anyone for that matter) who doesn’t love french fries, so you can’t go wrong with this adorable French Fry Craft! While it is super cute, it’s also super thoughtful. You can help your littles write sweet messages to dad on the individual “french fries” ;) 

Craft #8: Interactive Owl Card

This adorable craft can include a sweet message to dad, or you can include a picture of your kiddos under the wings to bring a smile to dads face. I Heart Crafty Things has an easy print template to use for this Interactive Owl Card, and easy instructions to follow. 

Craft #9:  “Nuts About You” Photo Frame

Nuts About You Frame | Easy Father's Day Crafts | Ade + Ayo

Looking for another way to include a photo of your kids in dad’s Father’s Day gift? We love this “We’re Nuts About You” Photo Frame. Include assorted nuts (the kind in the toolbox, although, peanut shells would be cute too!) and the sweet punny message, and this DIY frame is ready to give to dad. 

Craft #10: Homemade Dipped Pretzels

handmade hand dipped pretzels | Father's Day gift ideas | DIY Father's Day

Does that dad in your life have a sweet tooth? If so, a homemade treat might mean a lot to him! These Homemade Dipped Pretzels are an easy recipe that kids and toddlers alike can help out with, and proudly present to dad on Father’s Day. 

Craft #11: Fish Handprint Card

Hooked on Dad Fish Card | Easy Father's Day Crafts | Ade + Ayo

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a craft that included your kiddo’s precious little hands, and sometimes it’s nice to find one that doesn’t require your kids to dip their hands in paint! This “Hooked on Daddy” Fish Handprint Card is one of the cutest we’ve seen, and it’s super easy! Kids of all ages can have fun making this card, and it’s sure to be one that gets kept by dad. 

There you have it! 11 simple crafts that are perfect for Father's Day. We hope you enjoy making these crafts with for the dad in your life, and we wish you a very happy Father's Day!

Do you have any other craft ideas that would be perfect for Father's Day? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

cover photo: Club Crafted
June 08, 2022 — Temidayo Adedokun

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