Our Story

Ade + Ayo

Introducing kids to the beauty of African design

Culture, Community and Connection

Created by a mom

Welcome to Ade + Ayo! My name is Temidayo, and through Ade + Ayo, I design and curate a collection of beautifully crafted items that make the African aesthetic practical for the littlest among us, while keeping things modern and affordable for you. I love bringing the warmth, vibrance and joy of African cultures to your home through beautiful and practical pieces you and your baby will love. 

Ade + Ayo is a dream of mine that was born when I was pregnant with my first baby. As a Nigerian Canadian now living in the United States, I've experienced a lot of changes in my life. The smell of Nigerian food, the sound of Nigerian music and the colors and patterns of traditional Nigerian clothing have made everywhere I've lived feel like home. My Nigerian culture has been a source of pride and joy for me, and I wanted it to be that for my son as well.  As I excitedly started working on my son's nursery and wardrobe, the search for nursery decor and baby clothes that would remind me of home and introduce him to the beauty of Africa revealed a huge gap. I could not find clothes in my traditional colors and patterns that would be comfortable enough for daily wear, and any “African-inspired” nursery decor I could find either equated African design with a “safari” theme or was too expensive. I was saddened to see this, but also motivated to provide a solution. So, Ade + Ayo was born.

“Ade + Ayo” combines the Yoruba (Nigerian language) words for “crown” and “joy,” reflecting the pride and happiness children bring to their parents’ lives. 

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of our story. I hope that Ade + Ayo can bring some beauty, joy and connection to your child's world.

Designed for your child

Children are at the heart of everything we do at Ade + Ayo. We create products they'll love, help them build connections to their global community, donate to support their education and make choices that keep the earth safe for them.

Our Mission

Our hearts and minds are shaped in part by the things that we bring into our homes, the things that we are told are beautiful and the things that are normalized for us. Right now, across the spectrum of objects a child interacts with in the home – from books and clothing to bedding and toys – the African voice is missing from the average home. Ade + Ayo closes this representation gap by providing you with beautifully crafted African-inspired children’s goods that are comfortable and practical for your children, while remaining modern and affordable for you.

My vision for Ade + Ayo is to foster connection for children. For those children born to Africans or people in the African diaspora, our well-crafted items bring connection to heritage, imbuing daily play and exploration with culture. For all children, I believe that Ade + Ayo can encourage a connection to our global community. Our products will ignite curiosity and spark love and respect for the people and cultures whose stories these items tell. 

Giving Back

Ade + Ayo’s collections are beautiful, comfortable and kind. The “kind” refers to our core commitments: the priority we place on artisan-crafted products and our focus on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. "Kind" also refers to our commitment to donating a portion of the proceeds from Ade + Ayo to organizations aiming to improve the education gap for young children in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The organizations we'll be contributing are:

Fall and Winter
Imagine Worldwide

Spring and Summer