African-inspired home decor is a great way to add some vibrance and personality to your space. Whether you’re looking to create an authentic African inspired living room, or just add a touch of Africa to one corner of your home, there are plenty of ways to get creative. From colorful prints and patterns, to natural materials like wood and woven fabrics, there are endless possibilities when it comes to bringing the beauty of Africa into your home. Take a look through these 20 stunning African-Inspired home decor ideas to spark creativity for your space. 

20 stunning African aesthetic home decor ideas

Cultural Appropriation Concerns

Something we touched on in a recent Instagram post was if it is cultural appropriation for non-black persons to decorate or wear products with African designs if they are not of African descent. We believe that there is a way for non-black folks to enjoy these designs – but it’s important to stop and ask the following questions: Is the company you’re purchasing from mimicking or using designs from another culture without acknowledgement? Without working with designers/artists from that culture? 
Are you learning about the culture behind the designs you love, interacting with the items with respect and celebrating the people and cultures these designs come from? 

Rest assured, all products and brands we showcase and recommend are Black-owned and celebrate authentic African culture. But we encourage you to read about the designs and artists when making any purchases to get a more full understanding of the designs.


Wallpapers are a great to completely change the look and feel of a room, and these bold African prints can quickly elevate a space and make it something new. Check out a few of our favorite designs and room inspirations by black-owned African design home decor by Eva Sonaike

From Eva Sonaike: Our mission at Eva Sonaike is to help people create unique homes full of colour and elegance. All our products are created with unique patterns and gorgeous colours to bring our passion for the beauty of African Luxury right to your home - because life is always better with colour!

Idunu Wallpaper Orange

Idunu Wallpaper Orange

Alafia Wallpaper Green

African Print Wallpaper | African Interior Design

Asa Wallpaper Sky

African Print Wallpaper | White Couch | African Aesthetic home

Aburi Copper Wallpaper

African Print Wallpaper | White Couch | African Aesthetic home

Odi Pink Wallpaper

African Interior design | African print wallpaper pink

Other African Print Wallpaper's we love: 

Alaari Wallpaper by Malene Barnett

The earthy terracotta hues and textured pattern detail on this Alaari Wallpaper offer a vibrant, statement-making look.

Phoenix Wallpaper in Jungle by Justina Blakeney® - Sure Strip

African Aesthetic Wallpaper | Jungle Wallpaper | Black-owned interior design

Marrakech Wallpaper Indigo - Elle Gibson

African Interior design | African print wallpaper blue



Africa is known for it's beautiful and intricately woven textiles. Adding blankets, pillows, or even larger furniture pieces that are adorned with African designs can quickly bring charm and vibrancy to any space. Check out a few of our favorite looks that include colorful patterns on woven textiles. 

Black & Sketchy Woven Blanket No.1 - Black Pepper Paperie Co

African print throw blanket

Tunis Cream Rustic Pillows - 54kibo

African aesthetic cream throw pillows

Sisters Linen Blend Square Pillow Cover & Insert - AphroChic

African design pillow

Ladder Print Throw Blanket - Mandinka Home Shop

black and cream African print throw blanket on a leather chair

Creative Women | Cactus Silk Pillowcase

Moroccan throw pillows | African aesthetic home decor

Geometric Green Ottoman - 54kibo

green pouf upholstery | African interior design

Indigo Stitched Poof - Jungalow

African print poof - Jungalow

More Favorites

From shelf pieces, to wall hangings, to statement pieces -- mix and match these African aesthetic pieces in any room you'd like!

Open Top Ina Storage Basket - Mandinka Home Shop

woven African aesthetic storage basket

Jeju Pad - Karen Jai Home

Jeju Pad - Karen Jai Home | woven floor poof

Hanging Mobiles 7 Stick - 54kibo

African design nursery | African nursery mobile

Natural Patterned Woven Mirror - Jungalow

Natural Patterned Woven Mirror | African interior design ideas

 Abeni Woven Vase - Expedition Subsahara

African woven basket for interior design

Have you been inspired by these African design ideas? 

When we buy from Black-owned businesses and bring African designs into our homes, we are investing in the Black community and sending a message that we believe in Black excellence, beauty, and tradition. We hope perhaps you found something you love, or were inspired by one of these beautiful African home aesthetics. As always, thank you for reading and be sure to follow on Instagram + Join Our Email List to save 15% off your first order from Ade + Ayo.


October 13, 2022 — Temidayo Adedokun

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