Teaching little one’s how to put words to the feeling that is distinctly familiar to them is one of our favorite things about Valentine’s Day. We’re talking about LOVE. Creating space for creative expression of love is something we’re all about. Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world in creative and beautiful ways. We’ve put together a meaningful list of Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world, and simple crafts you can do to celebrate these traditions!

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids Inspired from Traditions Around the World


Rather than roses, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving orchids to your significant other. Try this simple orchid origami craft to create orchids and talk to your littles about how flowers are used to show affection! 


The 14th of February has been named National Chocolate Day to promote Ghana’s contribution to chocolate making, as well increase tourism! While we don’t have a craft to recommend for this Valentine’s Day tradition, we do know of a place you can order delicious chocolate from Ghana

Chocolate from Ghana


On Valentine’s Day friends and lovers exchange handmade cards, cut into creative shapes. As part of this tradition, each card includes pressed snowdrop flowers, but they aren’t a necessary addition to doing a Denmark inspired Valentine’s Day craft with your kiddos. We love this “I Love You to Pieces” craft card that uses little hands to inspire the shape of the card!

"I Love You to Pieces" Valentine's Day Craft


Much like in America, Valentine's Day is celebrated with gifts of flowers and chocolate. However, it's worth noting that Valentine's Day isn't the primary holiday to celebrate love and romance in Chinese culture. In August, the Qixi Festival is held which celebrates a star-crossed couple from Chinese mythology. Bright red traditional Chinese lanterns are a staple of any Chinese celebration, and the Qixi Festival is no exception. We love this easy lantern craft by China Family Adventure to celebrate the beauty of this tradition and culture!

Chinese Lantern Craft for Kids


Germans don’t limit themselves to the traditional flowers, chocolates, and cards – they also include pigs! Pigs are a symbol of luck and lust, and are commonly incorporated into Valentine’s Day gifts through small statues, pictures, or even chocolate shaped as a pig! Try out this fun and simple rocking piggy craft with your littles to talk to them about this German Valentine’s Day tradition. 

Rocking Pig Craft for Kids


We typically see lots of reds, pinks, and whites on Valentine's Day in America, but in Uganda they associate a slightly different color palette. Red and black are the primary colors associated with Valentine's Day, and they are used generously on this day to celebrate! Keeping with the black and red color scheme, we love this DIY Love Bug Card that uses only these two colors!  


In Slovenia, Saint Valentine is the patron saint of spring. It is believed that birds, being associated with spring, propose to each other on this special day. If you ever hope to witness a bird proposal, it is said that one must walk through the frozen fields to sneak up on the birds to see a bird proposal. These Paper Plate Valentine's Day Birds are the perfect craft to make when talking about this interesting tradition.

Valentine's Day Love Bird Craft for Kids

South Africa

“Wearing your heart on your sleeve” is taken quite literally in South Africa on Valentine’s Day. Many women participate in the tradition of pinning hearts on their sleeves bearing the name of their love interest! You can share this tradition with your kids by inviting them to also “wear their heart on their sleeve” by creating this heart craft and pinning to their sleeves!

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Craft for Kids

Wherever you are in the world, we hope that Valentine’s Day inspires conversations about love not only for ourselves and our families, but also for our world! If we believe love is what unites all of us as humans, it’s important that we share that truth with our kids. We hope you are able to try some of these crafts with your littles and spark curiosity and love for our world. Please tag us on Instagram if you do; we would love to see your creations!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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January 26, 2022 — Temidayo Adedokun

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