“I love you” is likely something that you likely tell your kids often. We tell them before they ever have the capacity to understand, seemingly because we just can’t help ourselves! And then, as they grow, their understanding of love begins to develop, and we keep reinforcing it with, “I love you.” Children’s books are a great way to help little minds begin to comprehend earth moving forces like love, in a simplistic way that is both digestible and impactful. We’ve put together a list of 10 of our favorite children’s books about love to read with your kids; we’re certain you’ll love them as much as we do! 

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The I Love You Book by Todd Parr | Books about love to read with your kids


By: Todd Parr

Why we love it: Through simple language and illustrations, children can begin to grasp that they are unconditionally loved. No matter what they do or don’t do. The bright colors will captivate the earliest of readers (or listeners, rather) but the message is resounding and can be enjoyed well into the toddler years. 


What Is Love? | Books about Love to Read with Young Children

What Is Love?

By: Mac Barnett

Why we love it: We often see children’s books about love told from the adult’s point of view, but this book begins from the child’s perspective. This book keeps children on their toes as it is silly and unexpected, but is thoughtful in a way that adults will appreciate too. The gorgeous illustrations and imagery will have you picking up this one again and again. 


Love Grows Everywhere | Books to teach your kids about unconditional love

Love Grows Everywhere

By: Barry Timms and Tisha Lee

Why we love it: This book is written poetically, and explores all kinds of love. Love for our families, neighbors, friends, plants, our environment, and beyond! Through diverse illustrations and clever rhyming, children are able to learn how impactful acts of kindness and love really are. 


Hair Love by Matthew Cherry | books about love to read with kids

Hair Love

By: Matthew Cherry

Why we love it: This book is about a special kind of love between a father and daughter, as well as an ode to loving your natural characteristics! The main character, Zuri, has gorgeous hair that is cherished for all of it’s kinks, curls, and coils and it’s up to dad to style it for a special occasion. He may not be a professional, but he would do anything to make his daughter smile. 


How Do You Say I Love You | Diverse and Inclusive books about love for kids

How Do You Say I Love You?

By: Hannah Elliot

Why we love it: Take children on a trip around the globe and learn how to say “I Love You” in ten different languages. This book includes beautiful and diverse illustrations along with a handy pronunciation guide to help parents help their littles. (and learn a few new things for themselves, too!)


Love Makes a Family | Books about Diversity, Inclusion, and Love for Kids

Love Makes a Family

By: Sophie Beer

Why we love it: Children can begin to learn that it doesn’t matter what your family looks like or how many people live in your home, but rather that family is where love is. With all kinds of families, this book begins to help littles see the beauty of diversity and inclusivity. There are also many examples of practical ways to show love to others in this book, which we love!


Love: from Sesame Street | Books about Love for Kids

Love: from Sesame Street

By: Sesame Workshop

Why we love it: We’ll start with the obvious; we love bringing the nostalgia and tenderness of Sesame Street to story time! This book explores all the things that love is. From giggles, to cookies, to togetherness – this story teaches kids the timeless lesson that love can be found all around us! 


Love Can Come in Many Ways | Simple Stories about Love for Kids

Love Can Come in Many Ways

By: Terry Pierce

Why we love it: One of our favorites for babies and toddlers, this book about love includes interactive felt flaps to keep littles interested! (along with beautiful illustrations and a simple story) You and your littles can learn about and enjoy the ways all creatures show their love by reaffirming family bonds in this sweet interactive book. 


Love by Matt de la Pena | A Book about Unconditional Love for Kids


By: Matt de la Pena

Why we love it: Love roughly follows a timeline of an entire childhood all the way until it’s time to set off on their own. However, this book doesn’t just follow the story of one child, it bounces around to different children and their experiences. While it does help kids understand the nature of unconditional love, it also explores all the different ways love can manifest itself.


Love You Always | books about unconditional love for toddlers

Love You Always

By: Frances Stickly

Why we love it: This is one you will definitely want to soak up all the extra snuggles while reading. When a little hedgehog worries that his mom might love him more if he was different, she reassures him that her vast love for him is unconditional. Sweet illustrations and rhyming make this book a perfect before-bed read. 

Reading with littles is a simple way to allow them to feel the closeness and love of being told a story. With the themes of unconditional love in each of the books, littles can enjoy feeling safe and secure while expanding their understanding of love and what it looks like in our world and hearts. What are some of your favorite books about love? If you have any that aren’t on our list, please add them to the comments! 

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