Planning activities that you can do from anywhere (more than likely home) can feel like drag after the past few years we’ve had. Most of us parents might be feeling like we are fresh out of ideas to do at home, let alone plan a week’s worth of activities to do during Spring Break to keep kids entertained. If you’re on a budget and feeling overwhelmed as Spring Break approaches, we’ve got you. Check out our list of a Week’s Worth of Spring Break activities you can do anywhere that are low stress, and fun for the whole family. 

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Family walking to spring break picnic | ade + ayo

Monday: Picnic

Best for Ages: All Ages

Start things out easy and thank yourself later. A picnic is arguably the easiest and most inexpensive way to create a great day with little to no planning. When I say keep it easy, I mean a super low maintenance lunch…bagged chips, grocery store sub sandwiches, some fruit, juice boxes, and maybe a little treat like a cookie is more than enough to have a meaningful picnic with your family! If the weather is nice, bringing a frisbee or ball is a simple way to keep littles happy and get some exercise. But if you live somewhere that maybe isn’t as sunny, don’t stress. Having a picnic in your carport, backyard, or even living room are all good options. Like I said, keep it easy and thank yourself later. 


children playing pretend kitchen

Tuesday: “Life Sized” Monopoly

Best for Ages: 6+

The game isn’t exactly like Monopoly, but you’ll get the feel as I begin to explain. Have children play as though all rooms in the house are up for sale. Delegate equal amounts of “money” (this could be Monopoly money.. or LIFE dollars work as well) and hold an auction for different rooms of your home. Think the living room, kitchen, bedrooms if you’d like, even bathrooms… Children can bid on what rooms they would like to purchase to host “businesses” of their choice. For example, the kitchen will likely become a restaurant. The living room might become a movie theater or public play space or yoga studio (and your child just might be the teacher!). Bathrooms can be used for simple “beauty treatments” (this is all mostly pretend play.. so bowls of water and a few old makeup or paint brushes are more than enough to create a pretend spa) For kids that are old enough to enjoy pretend play, “life sized” monopoly just might become one to play again and again. Don’t overthink it. Just let little creative minds run free.


happy children in their pajamas

Wednesday: Stay in Your PJs and have a “slumber party” all day long

Best for Ages: 4+

And just like that, it’s already Wednesday. Give yourself a bit of a break to ensure you have all the energy you need to finish the week and avoid burnout. A stay in your PJs slumber party is just the trick. This doesn't have to be a movie marathon day, unless you want it to! You can also build forts, read books, eat popcorn, and play silly games like charades. We definitely recommend putting on some fun jammies and maybe even some slippers to make your all-day-long-slumber-party feel super special. 


letters of the alphabet on a light blue background

Thursday: ABC Day

Best for Ages: 4+

Another super easy activity: ABC Day. You’ll simply choose any letter of the alphabet you’d like and plan the day around that letter. The activities don’t need to be anything fancy, they can even be simply gathering things from around your home that start with the designated letter and having your kids decide how to make a game out of them. For example, if you chose the letter T you might have trail mix for snacks, play twister, make an art project out of colorful tape, dance to a song while twirling… really anything that you can tie back to the letter of your choice works. And as I mentioned, you can always just gather things from around your house that begin with that letter, put them out, and see what your kids come up with. Creating space for prompted creativity is the perfect remedy for boredom. 


African American family baking together

Friday: Host a Family Bake Off

Best for Ages: 3+

Other than buying lunch items for your picnic, this is likely the only day you may need a special trip to the store for. It’s best to start planning this one earlier in the week so that you can have a dedicated day to taking turns in the kitchen. But, if you’d like to make going to the store part of the day’s events, that would also be fun! Each family member will choose a recipe they’d like to try to bake. (Trying something new is always fun) This day will likely take the most support from mom and dad, but enjoying everyone’s baked with love goodies will be well worth it. You can even add in voting on things like “Most Creative” “Most Sweet” and “Treat of the Day” This is a nice way to round out the week, and even have a few sweets left over to send with kiddos to school on Monday… if they last over the weekend that is. ;)

If having planned activities Monday through Friday feels like too much, feel free to choose the activities that peak your interest! Creating memories together should be centered around a sense of peace. Yes, we understand that sometimes kids aren’t the most peaceful, but if you can hold that peace for your family when you set doable expectations for your week. Key word: doable. If it feels like stress planning, dial it back, and just focus on how to be present. Enjoy your spring break and please let us know in the comments if you have any other spring break activities you can do anywhere!


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February 17, 2022 — Temidayo Adedokun

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