Celebrating major events during a quarantine is challenging. Mother's Day is particularly hard because at the top of mom's list is usually time away - a day at the spa, brunch with her friends or just an hour outside of the house doing her favorite things without little ones tugging on her. At ade + ayo, we've put together 5 suggestions for celebrating Mother's Day this year while keeping safe. 

1. Virtual Brunch or Spa Day with Friends

Video chatting technology has really helped us all stay connected with loved ones while in quarantine - why not use it to relax with your friends on this special day? Order brunch from your favorite brunch spot or pull out your favorite facial, hair or nail products. Then, set your phone or laptop up in a quiet room and relax while catching up with your friends. If you choose to do a spa day, play some relaxing music via Apple Music or Spotify for that extra touch. 

2. Social Distancing Picnic with Other Moms

As the weather warms up, it's great to find ways to spend time outside - keeping 6 feet away from others, of course. Pack a picnic of your favorite snacks and some rosé. Then, invite some friends to do the same thing and join you at a local park. Sip, chat and enjoy the fresh air.

Be sure to check which parks near you are open while stay-at-home orders are in place. 

3. Spend Time Nurturing a Hobby or Passion

As a mom, you might scoff when you hear about non-parents using quarantine time to develop a new hobby or spend time on a passion of theirs. Lucky them! Well, here's a day that's just for you. So take that time, feed your soul and recharge by doing something you love. Create, write, read...whatever brings you back to yourself. 

4. Send a Gift to Another Mother 

Sometimes we feel re-energized by lifting someone else's spirits. Show a fellow mother that you're thinking of her by sending her a gift and a thoughtful note. Our collection of handcrafted, one of a kind, Mama and Baby Cards are a great way to tell a fellow mom that she's special and appreciated. In general, gift giving this Mother's Day is a great opportunity to support either a local business in your community or artisans a world away. 

5. Walk Down Memory Lane with the Family 

For the mom who'd like to spend Mother's Day cuddling with her family, we love the idea of going through some old photos and videos of great times your family has had together. Laugh and reminisce. Maybe even make exciting plans for the things you'll do as a family once the quarantine is over.

We wish you a wonderful Mother's Day! And if you end up using one of these ideas tell us below how it went!

May 06, 2020 — Temidayo Adedokun

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