The holidays are just around the corner, but somehow it also seems that baby shower season is as well! (or is it just always that way?) While snagging something practical for the mama to be off of her registry is always a great choice, pairing it with a little something extra is a lovely touch. It is especially meaningful when it comes from a small business that puts care and attention to detail in to each and every product sold, much like Ade + Ayo. And with so many wonderful Black Owned Businesses to support, we couldn’t help but highlight a few of our favorites. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing a few of our favorite gifts from black-owned businesses to bring to the next baby shower. Not only do black-owned businesses provide jobs and opportunities within the local community, but they also play a crucial role in building wealth within the black community.

Best baby shower gifts from black owned business | Ade + ayo

The Fourth Phase Afterbirth Care Box

The Fourth Phase Afterbirth Care Box | gifts from black owned businesses for pregnant mothers

While we adore showering babies with adorable gits (there’s a few coming up on our list!) – we also know how important is it to make sure mom has everything she needs to feel supported after giving birth. That’s where the Fourth Phase Afterbirth Care Boxes comes in. The Fourth Phase is a Black Owned Business helping moms heal, feel, and be heard with a variety of postpartum care boxes. They have a variety to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the Every Birth Box

From The Fourth Phase: 

“Our Every Birth Box is the ideal afterbirth care box to give or receive when a delivery method has not been determined. Filled with all of the products found in both of our boxes, it supports an expectant mother's health, recovery, and well-being whether she has a vaginal or surgical birth. All products are Organic, free from phthalates, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced.”

The Box Includes: 

  • Fourth Phase Affirmations, a digital download shared upon receipt of the box.
  • Fourth Phase BellyBirthBalm, to help with restoration from a surgical delivery.
  • Fourth Phase BellyWrap, to support the back and belly while your uterus returns to its normal size.
  • Fourth Phase BodButter, a blend of Shea Butter and essential oils that help to reduce stretch marks while moisturizing.
  • Fourth Phase CocoNip, a nipple salve for soothing dry, cracked nipples.
  • Fourth Phase FlaxPack, a hot and cold compress, made with flaxseed and lavender, for belly births and lactation support.
  • Fourth Phase GloEssential, a blend of hydrating essential oils for pampering your body.
  • Fourth Phase GuaSha Rose Quartz Crystal, a massager for releasing breastmilk and connecting to your heart chakra.
  • Fourth Phase MindNotes, a journal for documenting your thoughts.
  • Fourth Phase MylkBlend, a lactation and relaxation loose leaf tea.
  • Fourth Phase PeriSoother, a water bottle to help clean your perineal postpartum.
  • Fourth Phase PostUndi, postpartum panties (two per package).
  • Fourth Phase + Full Bloom RestoreMe, a flower-based elixir for new moms created in collaboration with Full Bloom Elixirs.

Truly the perfect gift for any new mama. 

Akpere, Ajoyo and Ufie Cloth Bib Bundle

African Print Cloth bibs | Ade + Ayo

Cloth bibs are a registry staple that baby’s just can’t do without, and our 3-pack of African Print cloth bibs makes for the perfect gift. Not only are cloth bibs extremely practical and can save mom from a full on outfit change, these three bibs and their prints each have a unique and meaningful story to tell. 

First we have the Akpere print, which is the upper left in the image. Our Akpere print is inspired by ankara, a pattern and fabric style common in various parts of Africa. Ankara is seen in celebration wear, everyday wear, accessories, furniture and, more recently, fashion runways across the world. This style of fabric is known for its bright, vibrant colors and unique repeat patterns. The patterns have different cultural meanings, conveying messages to those who are gifted the fabric or see someone wearing it at an event. I’ve always loved the way I feel when wearing ankara - joyful, beautiful and connected to a greater community. Kids should feel these things too, so our ankara-inspired prints bring a traditional fabric style to comfortable kids’ clothing. I've named this print Akpere which means "basket" in Yoruba, a language spoken in Nigeria, because the diamond design reminds me of a woven basket. 

Next is our Ajoyo print; the blue-colored bib. This print is inspired by adire - an indigo-dyed cloth made in southwestern Nigeria by Yoruba women. When I traveled to Nigeria as a teen, I was particularly drawn to the adire fabrics I saw hanging in local markets. The striking designs drew me in, and I was even more amazed when I learned about the traditional dye process undergone to create these beautiful fabrics. The Ajoyo collection pays homage to the traditional fabric, capturing the varying shades of indigo that emerge through the dyeing process and bringing the beauty of adire to play-ready clothing. We've named this print Ajoyo, which means "celebration" in Yoruba. 

And lastly, we have our Ufie print. (red) Our Ufie print is a batik-inspired design. The batik style of textile production is an ancient technique, with traces of it seen in the wrappings of Egyptian mummies. It is a wax-resistant dyeing technique. Designs are printed or drawn onto cotton using melted wax; then the fabric is dyed and the parts of the fabric that were covered by wax resist the dye. When the wax is removed, the original background color of the fabric emerges. West African-style batik fabrics are cherished in the region. The designs feature images and geometric shapes that hold special cultural significance, each telling a unique story. My mom helped me name this print "Ufie." She is from the Kwale people of Nigeria and the bright red of this print reminded her of the red powder called ufie - this is a powder that is turned into a paste and rubbed into women's hands and feet to prepare them for their wedding, or to pamper them during the early stages of pregnancy.

The three bibs come in a ready-set bundle for easy gifting, but you can of course check out our entire collection of cloth bibs if you’d like to mix and match your own. (and learn more about the meaning behind our prints!)

A Book from Brave + Kind Bookshop

best baby shower gifts | board books for babies

A Black-Owned bookshop that has a great selection of books for babies, toddlers, and beyond, Brave + Kind Bookshop is the perfect place to grab a book for a soon-to-arrive baby. At Brave + Kind, you can find a huge selection of books available through their online shop, many of them with themes of diversity, inclusion, kindness, and more.

A book is not only a great way to encourage bonding between parent and child, but it's also a fun way to introduce babies and young kids to the world of reading. Research has shown that reading to babies and young children can help them develop language skills, improve their ability to focus, and even increase their IQ. In addition, reading together is a great way to create special bonding moments between parent and child. So if you're looking for a unique and special baby shower present, consider giving a book. 

Here are a few of our favorites for a baby shower (other than the four pictured above which we also love!) :

Pro Tip: Use the book as a card for the parents and new baby by writing a thoughtful note inside the book. It’s a practical way to reduce waste and share a meaningful note that will be treasured every time they pick up the book. 

We hope one of these three amazing businesses offers not only an amazing gift for the next baby shower, but maybe even something to bring to your or home or family. And of course, if you know of any black or mama owned businesses that create something wonderful to take to a baby shower, please leave them in the comments! We are so grateful for this community and the every growing list of black entrepreneurs in the baby space. 

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November 17, 2022 — Temidayo Adedokun

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